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60% of All Aesthetic Outcomes Result from Medical Grade Skincare Regimens!

When providing aesthetic procedures to your patients, one of the most critical steps in achieving an exceptional aesthetic outcome is incorporating a medical grade skincare regimen at the time of the initial consult. 60% of all aesthetic outcomes are a direct result of utilizing medical grade skincare. Let's explore the benefits of foundation therapy for your practice and your patients.

Enhance satisfaction
Improve retention rate
Improve overall aesthetic outcomes

All too often I hear my friends complain about the tone and texture of their skin. They pay an exorbitant amount for Botox, fillers, lasers, and micro-needling. When asked what skincare products their practitioner recommended, I get that blank stare coupled with the response, 'we did not discuss skincare' or 'my practitioner did not recommend skincare'. When not incorporating a medical grade skincare regimen from the patient's first visit, you run the risk of achieving less than half the results your patient's desire.

Why? Research has shown that practitioners who incorporate skincare regimens with every consultation see a number of benefits including improved patient satisfaction, less procedural downtime & bottom line more effective results. The key to capitalizing on this multi-pronged aesthetic approach is incorporating the proper skincare from day 1. Medical grade skincare has more concentrated ingredients and penetrates the layers of the skin creating a truly transformative result.

Let's look at what a transformative skincare regimen looks like:

Step1; Cleanse: Remove makeup, dirt, germs & impurities while balancing the pH of the skin while not creating irritation. Achieve this step with a combination of products including cleansers, pads, and toners.

Step 2; Correct: Utilize topical prescription medication while incorporating serums and creams. Serums and creams consist of beneficial skincare ingredients including Vitamin C, Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and Beta Hydroxy Acids. The goal of the serum is to help combat hyperpigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and help enhance collagen production.

Step 3; Hydrate: Restore the moisture to the skin. Hydrate the face while improving the skin's elasticity. Improving the elasticity of the skin helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Properly hydrated skin reduces the over production of oil.

Step 4; Protect: Make sure they are applying an SPF every morning, regardless of the weather. Skin cancers are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet rays damage skin cells and increase photoaging. Patients who have aesthetic procedures in the office should ALWAYS leave with SPF applied to the skin.

If your patients are not incorporating a comprehensive skincare routine, they run the risk of premature aging. Maintaining a skincare routine will exfoliate dead skin cells (which dull the appearance of the skin), lighten hyperpigmentation, brighten the skin, regenerate new healthy skin cells and help achieve the glowing complexion your patients seek.

It is critically important that you spend the time to help understand which skincare products are best suited for your patients and advise them on which products they should purchase FROM YOUR OFFICE. The last thing you want is for your patient to leave your office, post procedure, and utilize skincare products not suited for their skin that create irritation and can be wrongly blame on your procedure. Control all variables of the procedure so that the patient returns for more, refers you to others and continues to purchase your skincare. Let's keep them away from the drug store or department store skincare salesperson who has little to no skincare education.

Consider incorporating a skincare regimen for every patient who walks into your office AND brand your own medical grade skincare line. Don't get caught up in competing with major brands out of big box stores and don't run the risk of repping a major brand medical grade skincare line that your patient can find and purchase cheaper online. Don't incur the major brand cost of marketing and distribution expenses. The goal of private labeling your own skincare line is to provide your patients with transformative skincare that they can only purchase through YOU! Private Label, Medical Grade Skincare will increase your profit margins, provide your patients with positive outcomes, while increasing loyalty and patient retention.

If you would like to learn more about how you can private label your own medical grade skincare or how Inspira Skin can help train your staff, market and brand your private label line to be successful. Please click on button below:


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