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Why private label medical grade skincare...

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Private labeling medical grade skincare affords you the ability to BRAND YOUR OWN transformative skincare line. Let's talk about creating your own customized formulations that will result in increased trust, brand loyalty and new revenue streams! Why not bypass working with the same old suppliers of name brand skincare!

Let's take some time to review the benefits to your business:

#1 Increase Your Practice's Revenue & Profits!

What you may find surprising is that 60% of all aesthetic results are achieved through foundational skincare daily regimens. Skincare is one of the most overlooked and underrated steps in the patients' aesthetic journey.

By providing effective medical grade skincare, you will help your patients achieve their sought after results AND bring them back for more! Retain your patients and increase client bookings by providing your very own branded skincare line right out of your office.

Inspira Skin works tirelessly to help our clients formulate, brand and market a skincare line for success.
#2 Facts: Private label skincare profits!

Why is client retention so important?

-Roughly 56% of consumers stay loyal to a brand that understands their skincare needs.

-65% of a skincare/aesthetics' business comes from its current consumer base.

-Increasing customer retention by 5%, can boost your profits up to 95%.

-Skincare one of the most lucrative industries in the U.S.

Inspira Skin partners with you to understand the needs of your clients and formulate skincare to exceed their skincare needs & goals!
#3 The skincare market is growing exponentially in the U.S.

-$18B revenue in 2020

-Projected growth of 5% year on year

-Growth outpacing any other part of the beauty industry

-Women spend on the average $313 per month on beauty products

-82% of men aged 18-44 use facial skincare products

With a private label skincare business, you can start selling your own custom-made medical grade skincare, without having to spend a fortune contracting with a manufacturer or doing your own research into essential formulas.

Based on these facts, now is the time to invest in your own skincare line.


#4 Builds your reputation as a skincare expert & resource

Developing your own brand of medical grade skin care products allows you to build your reputation as a trusted skincare resource.

Marketing your brand and creating demand will benefit your practice long term. Become your customers’ only skincare source!

Private label, medical grade skincare formulations allow you to target specific conditions and provide transformative results unmatched by over the counter or expensive department store brands.

Inspira Skin's mission is to provide education and tools to help skincare professionals navigate the confusing skincare landscape. Our goal is to help boost confidence through healthy, glowing skin.

For more information and to private label, medical grade skincare with Inspira Skin, click here to schedule your private label, medical grade skincare consultation.


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